How exciting it must be to finally build you dream home, but we assume that you never expected there to be so many decisions that would come along with the fun stuff, such as do you want solar windows, organic sidewalks, energy star appliances, and what about your central heating system? Here we will give you a few suggestions as to how to find the right central heating system for your home.

Even if you are considering replacing the current system you have in your home now, there are going to be different things to think about and comparisons to weigh, which will be an important process to making the responsible decision for you family, your home, and your pocketbook.


There are two main sources of central heating, there will be your typical gas or electric, so once you have an idea as to what it is, and you will want to know if you have or want a furnace or a boiler, these are the two main components to a heating system. The difference what element is being heated, a furnace heats the air, a boiler, clearly heats water. Both are safe, and some better than for others, this is going to boil down to personal preference, and sometimes, the size of your home. A furnace is often fueled by gas, wood or electricity. Which are what most new homes are equipped with, a central heating and cooling system. Boilers are also fueled through gas, or radiant heating, which is a newer and rare form of heating using plastic plumbing to transport the heat.

Going Green

When choosing the right system for your new or existing home, you may be asking yourself, how difficult it would be to go green, and which energy star efficiency system is right for your home, what will save you money, and how. When comparing water, gas or electric, it will always depend on how the energy will transfer into heat. That is how you measure efficiency. One way to find out where to cut your losses, invest in a new system, or transfer systems. This is something that if you are unsure as to what to look for, TS heating can assist you through the website, or by calling one of our associates.

Regardless of your choice in central heating systems TS Heating is here to answer any questions you may have about your central heating needs.

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Author: Sean E Hammond
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